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"When looking for a wedding photog I had numerous people tell me that Haley was the best, and let me tell you.… she’s all that and a bag of chips. Haley is so kind, easy to work with, and a calm spirit during a crazy day. Although it’s obvious that’s she’s an excellent photographer, she goes above and beyond to advocate for you and makes sure your wedding day is the day you’ve dreamed of. She is always up for an adventure, and will make sure your most special moments are captured beautifully. I promise that when you book Haley Brownen, not only are you getting a top notch photog, but also a lifelong friend."

Jordan & Heidi, Couple


Photos that you can feel.

Your wedding day is a collection of moments that only happen once, and every single moment matters. When you choose a wedding photographer, you’re entrusting the legacy of your most cherished moments to that person. They’re the person you’ll have by your side every moment of the day, and the person that will capture the memories you hold dear for life. I’d be honored to be that person.

Your mom helping you into your dress, your dad seeing you for the first time, your friends looking at your wedding band, the last photo of you with your grandma, the last professional photo your parents will take together, your dad taking a deep breath to keep the tears in right before he walks you down the aisle, the way your grandpa looks at you in your dress, your momma watching you get your makeup done while thinking "didn't I just drop her off at kindergarten?"

 I am shooting every little moment with intention and thought to these details all while trying to add a little magic to them.

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