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Live Client Editing Que. 

This is a live list of my client editing list. The session at the top is the one I am currently working on and goes down from there. This is updated with each session sent to client.


Silas Wedding


Powell Wedding Video

Sydney Engagement

Walker/Carter Wedding


Silas Wedding Video

Walker/Carter Wedding Video

Adair Wedding

Adair Wedding Video

Carter Wedding

Carter Wedding Video

Smoot Wedding

Smoot Wedding Video

Litterell Wedding Video

Mannering Senior

Thompson Senior

Fleming Senior

Meier Wedding

Meier Wedding Video

Mitchell Grad

Martineau Wedding

W Beam Senior

Adcock Engagement

Natalie Engagement

Valeria Senior

Smith Wedding

Smith Wedding Video

Houchen Wedding 

Houchen Wedding Video

Jaci Engagement

Hollis Senior

Macy M Engagment

Faulkner Senior

Childress Senior

Lewis Engagement

Holt Senior

McCurdy Senior

Bryan Senior

Cabanas Wedding Video


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